Pays de Bergerac in All its Glory!

A Region, a River, Wines... Heritage!


2 hours excursion on a gabarre (traditional flat-bottomed boat), setting sail from Bergerac via Mouleydier, where you will discover fisheries, sources, "cluzeaux" (artificial grottos)....
- Bergerac wine-tasting session during the cruise
- winemaker-style lunch (see the menu
- guided tour of Château de Bridoire + discover the medieval games' tavern located in the guards' room.   

Specific conditions 

May be taken from 01 April to 30 June or from 01 September to 30 October 2020.

Subject to programme service providers' availability.

* Price valid for groups of 35 or more.

Not included: accommodation, transport, insurance, extra charge for groups of less than 35 participants.

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