Cause-de-Clérans has been renowned since the 12th century, in particular for its Romanesque-Byzantine-style church dating back to the end of the 11th century.
A host of historical remains can be visited, such as the tower of the imposing Romanesque dungeon, the ruins of a monumental fortress that experienced the Hundred Years’ War and Notre-Dame Church with its breathtaking vista!

Highly-unusual architectural style...

The Romanesque-Byzantine-style church dates back to the end of the 11th century and the 12th century, but its nave is more modern.
Worth a visit : the steeple built on the cross of the transept which flanks a dome set on pendentives, a semi-dome apse and capitals carved with figures, birds and lions, a bishop between two wolves and an eagle with its wings spread, drooping downwards.

The fortified castle, a vestige of the past

Clérans was at its peak during the 12th century : its lords actually held the reins of a castellany that grouped together a dozen or so parishes. During the 13th century, Clérans became part of the Lalinde castellany. In the 14th century, the Count of Périgord became Lord of Clérans, which totalled over two thousand inhabitants at this time.

Separation of powers

Cause-de-Clérans is unique in that it was born from the union of two individual medieval market towns: Cause, seat of ecclesiastical power, housing the church and Clérans, a walled town, established around the castle and seat of seigniorial power. This distinctiveness still exists today : Cause is the religious seat (with the church), and Clérans, the administrative seat (with the town hall).

To see, to do in the surroundings...

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