Issigeac, a medieval town

Issigeac, located on the border between Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne, is a medieval town that stands out from all the other nearby bastides.


At the heart of its historic circular enclosure, where narrow streets wind and curl like a snail and its shell, you will discover a picturesque village whose alleyways and passageways bring the past back to life. A village, overflowing with history and architecture, which artists and craftspeople have chosen as their home.

Marché du dimanche à Issigeac
Marché du dimanche à Issigeac

Weekly market

“Issigeac’s Sunday market is a must-not-miss. Over the years it has built up an incredible reputation. A small-scale activity during winter, it takes on a whole other dimension in summer and virtually covers the whole village. It is a major weekly event in the south of the department. Enjoyment for everyone guaranteed”.

The Bishop’s Palace in Sarlat

This large dwelling (1660), built in a particularly understated style that contrasts with its ever-so elegant brick-designed turrets superseded the historical abbey buildings, ruined by the French Wars of Religion. It is the work of François II de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon. The Tourist Office is housed on the ground floor.

Le Palais des Evêques de Sarlat
Le Palais des Evêques de Sarlat
La Maison des Têtes
La Maison des Têtes

The ‘Maison des Têtes’ (House of Heads)

The topmost storey of this imposing house, which dates back to the end of the 15th century, comprises a timber-frame structure. Grotesque, grimacing heads are carved in the wood under the windowsills. A small stone sculpture is visible at the corner of the house. It could well be a lion, known as “Monsieur d’Issigeac”.

The “Mushroom House”

A highly-original little house, that seems to be in a world of its own here, yet reproduces elegant and subtle style of the timber-frame dwellings. Its corbelled construction, with its overhanging second storey, allowed carts to pass through.

La Maison Champignon
La Maison Champignon

So much to discover and explore...

Stroll through the alleyways and passageways and discover a host of other houses, like the Provost’s House and Tithe House as well as the stone and timber-framed houses.
And the small villages dotted around the outskirts of Issigeac: Boisse, Conne de Labarde, Bardou, etc.

Issigeac is a lively and dynamic village 

This one is animated during the annual activities : the Flower fair, the disc and comic book fair, the Basket fair , the Bodega , the Medieval Feast, the Antique fair, street shows, night visits with lanterns and the Pumpkin fair. 

Not  forgetting the exhibitions that go on all year round at the tourist office

village of artists and artisans 

By strolling through the streets, you will notice the presence of numerous artists. 

They are mainly on the street Cardénal ,the street of the old post office  and the Main road . 

It is with pleasure that they will open their doors and will share their know-how. 

Our particularity is the diversity of the artists which allows everyone to enjoy the richness of our french craftmanship  

A plan mentioning each artist is available at the tourist office

A few examples : 

Sylvie Dubicki, basketry 

Derzou, sculpture and stained glass  

Sophie Lozac’h, photosculpture  

L’atelier des verries, Glasse blower  

Marité Labat, pottery  

Michel Labat, paintings  

Papillon Bohème, art and craft gallery  

Claire et Dominique Cour, engraving, paintings and musical improvisation monocord  

Nathalie Pède textile and sewing  

Martine Besnard, sculpture  

Trouver le temps, watchmaking