Lanquais’ history, its concerts, celebrations, heritage and its lush natural and wooded countryside are just a few of the many reasons for visiting this charming village!
Nestling in a valley in the ‘Purple Périgord’ and close to the ‘Black Périgord’, Lanquais invites you to discover its sites where prehistoric tools, fragments of pottery, bricks and Roman coins, featuring effigies of the first emperors, have been uncovered.
Here in the village, nature, architectural delights, celebrations and relaxation blend harmoniously together and ensure your stay will be an unforgettable one!

Lanquais Barn

An impressive barn stands erect at the foot of the Château de Lanquais. It comprises a sloping roof and a triple-nave framework whose support pillars, made out of a gigantic oak tree, have stood the test of time.
This barn may have been used down through the centuries, according to its owners, as a hospital, a protestant temple, a hall for popular festivities, a winery, a stable and a sheepfold.
The barn, which was in a piteous state of repair, was supposed to be demolished, but was purchased in 1975 by the Amis de Lanquais Association, which undertook its initial restoration work.
Today, owned by the municipality, it proposes cultural events (theatre, concerts) and organizes wedding receptions.
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