Nestled in a small fertile valley, the charming village of Urval has much to offer including the beautiful if forbidding, fortified, Romanesque church and the typical Périgourdin architecture of the houses.

The communal or ‘banal’ bakehouse is extremely rare and banal in name only! It stands as a reminder of the feudal ‘banality rights’ owed to the local Seigneur by those who used the oven, mill or press. The oven is now used once a year for the August village fête although the Seigniorial debt no longer requires paying!

Public footpaths around the village, through the Bessède forest and in the rolling hills of the Dordogne are a good way of exploring the area. 

Urval Church

A charming, Romanesque, fortified church comprising an eleventh-century, square chancel, a twelfth-century nave and a belfry which was added at a later date.

What to See
Above the chancel and nave are defence chambers in which the villagers sought refuge when under attack. A high wall was built above the chevet in an attempt to render the church impregnable.