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Duck Foie Gras and Peach Pie with Caramel and Sea Salt Sauce

Serves 4


For the Pie
• 2 peaches
• 320g fresh duck foie gras
• 4 individual circles flaky pastry 
• 50g butter
• Flaky pastry

For the Caramel Sauce
• 150g granulated sugar
• ¼ litre single cream
• 10g coarse sea salt
• Water


Place the sliced peaches in a frying pan and brown in butter. Put aside but keep warm.
Slice the foie gras and pan-fry. Salt, pepper and put aside.
Cook the individual rounds of pastry in flat pie dishes for 10 minutes at 200°C.
Fill the pies with the peaches and foie gras.
Cut the remaining flaky pastry into strips and criss-cross over the pies.
Cook in the oven for 5 minutes.

Caramel and Sea Salt Sauce
Heat the sugar in a little water until it forms a golden, syrupy caramel then add the cream and salt.

Finishing Touches
Place the hot pie in the middle of a plate and surround with a sea of caramel sauce.
Decorate with a leaf of chervil.