Duck or Goose Confit à la Pipérade (with green peppers)

Preparation : 1 hour
Cooking Time : 25 min.



• Confit: 1 wing, 1 leg
• 2 finely sliced onions fried in 
goose or duck fat
• 250g green peppers
• 250g crushed, seeded tomatoes
• 1dl veal stock
• 1dl double cream (optional)



Heat the confit in the oven in a little of its own fat then wipe free of excess fat.
Brown the chopped onions in a little goose or duck fat, add the sliced green pepper and the crushed tomatoes. Cook until the tomatoes are pulpy, bind with a little stock and a spoonful of cream (which will sweeten the peppers).
Cut up the confit and cover with the sauce. Adjust seasoning if necessary. 
Serve with a good red wine such as a Madiran or a Côtes de Gascogne.