Official website of tourism in Pays de Bergerac - Vignoble et Bastides - Dordogne - Périgord


I'd like to invite you to discover a wealth of incredible heritage in the Pays de Bergerac, located in the south of the Périgord region. Oh, and I'm not talking about the Périgord blessed with a thousand and one castles, but the Périgord overflowing with ...

let's eat & enjoy!

Our chefs will delight your taste buds with their traditional dishes as well as a host of the most refined delicacies, all, in turn, conjuring up: grandma's home-cooking, strolls through the woods, meals with friends, Sunday lunches...

Whether you're a savvy gourmet or simply a food lover with a thirst for new discoveries, whatever your tastes, whatever your budget, our local products are definitely going to wow you: duck foie gras, goose confit, cabécou, soft goat's cheese, truffles, homemade ice creams, strawberries, Périgord walnuts, caviar… the list is ever-so long and, if truth be told... goes on forever. And, there are even more restaurants, farmhouse inns and tables d'hôtes here than there are specialities!

Ici restaurantsfermes auberges et tables d’hôtes sont  encore plus nombreux que nos spécialités !


Enjoy our specialities

During your stay, you'll have lots of opportunities to discover products from organic and biodynamic farming on our markets (vegetables, dairy products, meat & poultry…), and why not take home some confectionery & chocolates, preserves (duck, goose, chestnuts, ceps, jams…), flavoured vinegars & walnut oils, traditional cakes & pastries, spirits… a chance for your taste buds to continue delighting in a little bit of our Périgord.

Ready? Take a seat… and taste: your journey begins at the table!