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Admire the scenery

One of the excursions in nature you'll hear recommended most often during your time in the Pays de Bergerac will be the Cingle de Trémolat. Cingle? What?

It's a very specific, extremely localised term which perfectly describes the Dordogne's meanders (a "cingle" is a green and yellow snake found in the region). To discover this area, not far from its twin, Limeuil, you take a picturesque road then come to a natural viewpoint.

A 180 degree panorama, the Dordogne river's loops and a mosaic of colourful fields await you... the view is breathtaking!

While you are there, you should go down to Trémolat village, where you will find a lovely church dedicated to Saint Nicholas, which in its heyday was a fortress villagers used as a refuge and defensive position in the event of attack.


One small piece of advice: after looking at the panoramic map, keep going for about five minutes until you reach the "rocher des amoureux" (lovers' rock) which overlooks the cingle. It's simply wonderful!

Next, head for one of the village's 4 restaurants to get your strength up before taking a trip to the watersports base. There, you can perfect your waterskiing, practice paddleboarding and many other fun activities.