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Do you know Issigeac? You must know it by reputation! This medieval town stands out amongst the neighbouring bastides. ...

Seen from above, its lanes wind around like a snail, in sharp contrast to the perfectly perpendicular streets in other towns.


But don't lose us! Every Sunday morning, Issigeac becomes its market stalls, and we won't lie: Issigeac is THE market to not miss out on.

It's very popular with the locals and has it all. Organic and local produce, regional specialities, artisan wares...

It is renowned for being one of the ten best food markets in France, just take a look at its online reviews.

Visitors sing it praises, just like you will.

"A place full of smells, colours, surprises and smiles."

"This market is really worth the trip."

"A trip around Issigeac's Sunday market is a real delight."


Are you convinced? Then head for it next Sunday morning!


Traditional Sunday market