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Do you need to get away from it all? To immerse yourself in nature?  Whether you are an enthusiasts, hobbyists, with friends or family… Come and spend some time fishing in a lake of river in the Pays de Bergerac, Vineyards and Bastides!

Fishing in the Dordogne valley is any fisherman's dream.


It must be said that the variety of watercourses means that almost any fishing method can be used. Bodies of water and rivers classed as category 1 or 2 promise: trout, pike, perch, zander, gudgeon, roach, carp, tench and many more species!

Fishing involves sport, entertainment and exploring nature, but the ultimate goal is to catch fish.

We will reveal the most secret spots in our area which combine calm and beauty.

River fishing


Several fishing spots are easy to reach, such as the banks of the river Dordogne in Bergerac. There is also the tributary stream to the Dordogne that is ubiquitous throughout the town, travelling from the weir to Pombonne: the Caudeau. The green trail alongside the stream is a rural promenade with nature all around (for walking and partially open to bikes). A paradise for fishing.

A little further south, the Couze covers 25 km from its source to where it flows into the Dordogne, crossing the communes of Beaumontois and watering some wonderful meadows. In times gone by, it powered iron forges and wheat mills. It is open to category 1 fishing. The main fish in it are: trout, minnow and gudgeon. Beware: maggots and dipterous larvae are prohibited in category 1 fishing.


Lake fishing

You can also enjoy fishing in lakes from 35 to 120 hectares large, such as the Nette artificial lake in Issigeac, which was recently updated and holds a water reserve for irrigating agricultural land. This category 2 artificial lake contains several species such as zander, pike and carp.

You can also fish on the Ganne in Rampieux commune or on the Escourou at Eymet, where nighttime carp fishing is permitted on the Périgourd section of the left bank. The rules for fishing in a category 2 body of water apply.

Beware! Fishing for all carnivorous fish opens on 1 May.
Species present: roach, carp, pike, zander and black bass.
Recommended fishing methods : fishing with natural bait, line fishing.

Fishing in Lalinde Canal

The canal near Lalinde and Port de Couze running from Mauzac dam to St Agne is an invitation to fish. The whole length of it, from downstream of the Borie Basse lock to the upstream St Capraise corner is covered by category 2 watercourse rules, with some added restrictions, such as an obligation to return all carnivorous fish to the water.

Fishing with live bait is forbidden. 


To fish, you will need a fishing card which can be bought in shops selling fishing equipment or from the Fédération de Pêche de la Dordogne.
Several types of card are available, with two main types: annual and seasonal (daily or weekly).