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Come nose to nose with Cyrano

In Bergerac, all paths lead to Cyrano! As you walk through the historic neighbourhood, you are sure to come "nose to nose" with one of two statues.

What should you do? Provoke him and make fun of his nasal appendage? Not bad... but "it's a little short, young man, you could say, oh God... all sorts of things!" Follow the advice of this character whose panache is only rivalled by his sayings.


When Cyrano suggests you "have an eye that sees well," make use of it to discover Bergerac down to the last detail. Take the Cloître des Récollets for example, a wonderful 16th century structure. Or even the very pretty squares such as Place de la Mirpe, Pélissière and du Feu. And don't forget those lanes you can wander along with your nose in the clouds to not miss out on any architectural details.


If he tells you, "If you had some letters and wit..." then quick! Head for the town's 2 museums (Tabac & Costi), and perfect your knowledge of the history of tobacco and Costi, the Greek sculptor.


If Cyrano were to ask you, "Oh! Do you only think about food?" You'd very likely answer, "Heavens yes, here gastronomy reigns! For that matter, I am leaving now to enjoy some treats and taste the delicious wines of Bergerac-Duras at Quai Cyrano."


And if Cyrano were to allude to "peaceful evenings with nature on the Dordogne river", it's time for you to board a flat-bottomed boat or to walk or cycle the green trail through nature running beside the "River of Hope".