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Bergerac: Town of Art and History

A proud town nestling along the banks of the Dordogne, with regal ‘gabarres’ (traditional flat-bottomed boats) that enliven the river on a daily basis, an outstanding Renaissance-style town centre and… the ghost of Cyrano, who actually never even set foot...

A quick jaunt around the town...

Bergerac has been proudly sporting its “Town and Region of Art and History” label for a number of years now. 
And for good reason... It entices with its labyrinth of ever-so charming streets and little squares.
Look upwards and admire the half-timbered houses, the ogival windows, the finely-worked doors. Make sure you don’t miss even the tiniest detail of the great historical anecdotes: “when Catherine of Medicis visited the town, the fountains in Rue des Fontaines were spurting wine to arouse Catholics’ passions!”


Moving on to Place Pélissière, you’ll be greeted by the statue of Cyrano – ah, at long last, here he is –, then on to the boatmen’s houses at Place de la Mirpe for a burst of photo shooting and, last but not least, a visit to the Tobacco Museum  where you’ll be awed by the machine that series sculpts pipe bowls, situated at the top of the building.

The essentials

The old town

A nice 2-hour walk through the narrow streets

Quai Cyrano

Tourist Office & Wine House: full of information

Tobacco Museum

Its collections, which are unique in Europe...

Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac... or not? Here is the real story!

Boat trips

Traditional barge cruises starting out from Bergerac.


Traditional, seasonal, night and organic markets...


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