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Trails in the Pays de Bergerac

Discover the Pays de Bergerac at your own speed during a peaceful leisurely outing. Several circuits await you on the trails around our bastides, through our vines, and at the heart of our immense forests.

Do you enjoy exploring trails?

What would you say to mounting your bike or pulling on your best trainers for a getaway with your family or friends amidst nature?  Venture onto our trails between villages for sporty walks or rides that are full of surprises. 

Trekking around bastides and vineyards combines the pleasure of walking with learning about our history, culture and rural heritage. 

Heritage as varied as it is attractive

Old farms, dovecotes, wash houses, rivers: this is the side of the Pays de Bergerac you will see. Be both actor and spectator among the flora, fauna and the rich heritage that is as varied as it is attractive.

Whether you go around bastides, through vineyards, to the heart of the Forêt du Landais forest or closer to the Dordogne, the River of Hope, the unspoilt nature of the Pays du Bergerac has wonderful places everywhere to have fun and explore.

Whether you are on foot, horseback, bike or mountain bike, the environment plays with visitors, giving them a slice of paradise and trails that are full of surprises, each very different to the last. There is something for everyone, from family walks to more athletic routes. You can get hold of leaflets from your local Tourist Office.



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