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Are you passionate about the Middle Ages? Make haste for Cadouin. Your visit shall prove worth the effort. Many roads lead there and you'll immediately fall for its charm whichever one you take.

There's its Cistercian abbey, Romanesque church, 15th century hall, the cloisters – a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic architecture. Talking about the cloisters, did you know that for a long time this was a place of pilgrimage, as it held a piece of fabric thought to be the Turin Shroud?

Cadouin is also a place for games, with Tèrra Aventura, an out-of-the-ordinary treasure hunt with... Zacquet!

Another place with the same atmosphere is Saint Avit Sénieur. The village's past importance is apparent through its imposing abbatial church (a world heritage site for its Camino de Santiago pilgrim ways, although it is one variant of the way). A wonderful thematic trail lets you discover all of the abbey's secrets.

The cherry on the cake is the "Murmures de St-Avit Sénieur" experience. When night has fallen, a spectacle of lights and images set to sound and music takes over. The show tempts you to dream and imagine, taking you on a journey through time between fantasy and reality.