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Vineyards in the Bergerac region

What better to enhance Périgord's cuisine than wine? But not just any wine, wines from Bergerac-Duras, of course! Explore our winemaking area which reaches over both sides of the Dordogne river.

Discover the wines of Bergerac and Duras

Crossing the Bergerac-Duras winegrowing area involves discovering unusual, bold blends of rich wines and ever-generous dishes. Evocative names such as Monbazillac, Bergerac, Pécharmant, Rosette, Saussignac, Montravel and even Duras serve as proof.

With a palette covering 5 colours and several AOP labels, there is really a lot to taste and enjoy! Full-bodied reds, fruity rosés, sweet whites... Each tasting comes with its share of flavours and aromas, arranged by enthusiastic winegrowers.

Discover the wines of Bergerac-Duras!

Meet our winegrowers

During your stay, indulge in a walk among the vines, an event in a cool wine cellar or even a little snack with a good bottle of wine. For that, just enter Quai Cyrano or go and meet the "Vignobles & Découvertes" partners or travel the winding "Route des Vins" wine road.

Where to begin? Our experts in wine tourism can advise you in one of our Maisons des Vins.

The essentials

All there is to know

A very old winegrowing area that has shaped and marked the Pays de Bergerac


Red, rosé, sweet white wines and dessert wines: there is something for everyone!

Vignobles & Découvertes

Vineyards, accommodation, restaurants, sites: the best of wine tourism

Wine Route

Around 130 winegrowers invite you to their estates!

The wine houses

To discover the full variety of wines from Bergerac and Duras

247, LE MAG

The magazine about Bergerac and Duras wines for those passionate about living well