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Terra Aventura, a unique treasure hunt

Terra Aventura makes for an original walk during which you can find out about heritage and hear anecdotes as you play. The trails proposed are organised by difficulty of the terrain and the riddles you have to solve.

Completely free

Terra Aventura is 100% free, based on the concept of geocaching and available year-round!  This fantastic activity will give you a magical time to share with your children as you explore a range of out of the ordinary locations.

How does it work?

  1. Download the completely free application Tèrra Aventura (Google Play or App Store)
  2. Create a profile
  3. Select one of our trails in Pays de Bergerac (by selecting a village, for example)
  4. You're finally ready for an adventure
  5. You've finished the treasure hunt? Get your Poi'Z!


Zéroik : between carreyrous and carreras

Well come to my fortress! I propose you an escapade in search of ...


Zetoulu : it's a peak, it's a cape!

It's a... See you in Bergerac for this Tèrra Aventura around Cyrano!


Zacquet : Cadouin by a pilgrim

Cadouin, a magnificent little village which owes its fame to its medieval abbey...


Zabeth : Secrets of Eymet

Eymet, French bastide built in the 13th century at the request of Alphonse de Poitiers...


Zouti : The order of the M. d'Issigeac

Name of a cross window! Someone slipped a note under my studio door...


Zéidon : The monster of the "malpas

Since time immemorial, the gabariers report a terrifying story...


Zéchopp, the swindler who chews you up

A long time ago in Périgord, a wind of revolt blew through the countryside...


Zarthus, Try to go upstairs and see!

On the borders of Bergerac, a village with a lion's paw on its coat of arms... 

Domaine du Siorac

Zalambic : Small problems of wine making

A family wine estate founded in 1818, shaped by 7 generations! 

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