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Tèrra Aventura : Secrets d'Eymet




Zabeth - History and monuments
Welcome to Eymet, a French bastide built in the 13th century at the request of Alphonse de Poitiers, the brother of King Louis IX of France. The history of Eymet began on June 28, 1270?
Tell me, wig, are you kidding me ? We Gauls were here long before you, and in fact the burial place of my great-great-great-grandfather is located at the dolmen of Eylias, a megalith of the covered alley type located not far from here? You are on sacred ground, a Gallic place of worship, or "nemet"?
"nemet"? You are not going to tell us that the name of Eymet comes from this Gallic term ? not to be confused with the Roman baths ?

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  • Tèrra Aventura : Secrets d'Eymet
  • 24500 EYMET

Latitude : 44.668583 - Longitude : 0.397723