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A legend says that Périgord had 1001 castles due to a saint sent by God Himself!

On the edge of the Dordogne, by the prestigious village of Saint-Emilion, lies a charming village: Saint Michel de Montaigne, home to the Château de… Montaigne!


This is the family home where Michel de Montaigne, the famous 16th century philosopher and humanist writer spent a great part of his life; in his later years, he wrote his famous essays there.

I can see you are curious. So let's open the castle gates to find out about its history.


First of all, the Tour de Montaigne, a 14th century listed historical monument, is where Montaigne spent "most days of his life, and most hours of the day" meditating, thinking and writing.

You will instantly be moved at the sight of the chapel and its superb starry vault.

Next, the library radiates the great man's personality, if only through the famous quotes and maxims in Greek and Latin written on the beams.

And you can imagine Michel de Montaigne's fervour as he worked in his office, a creative outlet suffused with mystery.


Next? A tour of the splendid 19th century castle, a wonderful walk in the park, and to finish, a tasting session of the estate's wines!