Official website of tourism in Pays de Bergerac - Vignoble et Bastides - Dordogne - Périgord

Old Stones

There is so much on offer for fans of old buildings! Medieval villages, bastides, including Monpazier, THE model bastide, if you please, medieval castles, Renaissance buildings, historical monuments... In short, you're in the right place!


Town of Art and History

A proud town nestling along the banks of the Dordogne, an outstanding Renaissance-style town centre and… the ghost of Cyrano !

Bastides towns

Architectural models

Among the treasures of the Pays de Bergerac, the Bastides towns are in the forefront. Each time, it is an incredibleit journey to the heart ...

Villages with character

You should not miss!

Fans of medieval architecture, aficionados of old stones, budding photographers: here is a selection of...