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Get together with friends

Monbazillac, Pécharmant, Côtes de Duras… By simply closing your eyes you can already picture all your friends together around the table.

Let's start by serving a nicely chilled sweet aperitif (Côtes de Duras, Côtes de Bergerac, Rosette ou Côtes de Montravel). Is that slightly too sweet? No problem, a dry white wine (Bergerac, Duras ou Montravel) will fit the bill. It's just a matter of taste.


Let's move on to more serious matters. See that Périgord foie gras with its onion confit? It will go perfectly with a Monbazillac, for example. You can also try an equally sweet, very often organic, Saussignac.


The rest is up to you. Pécharmant, Côtes de Bergerac and Montravel are perfect with grilled meat, while Bergerac rosé is wonderful with a summer salad.


For the cheese course, a Bergerac red or Côtes de Duras will perfectly compliment a platter from the market. Try tasting Roquefort with a sweet wine: it's deliciously surprising!


Finally, a rosé or a desert wine will enhance the flavour of Périgord strawberries. Or do you prefer chocolate? Then opt for a red and let us know what you think!


Simply accept this invitation to share a wonderfully convivial time over the wines of Bergerac-Duras.