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Try local food

How incredibly lucky we are to live in a world with gastronomic gods! We are so proud of our products that we always enjoy sharing them. Are you coming?

The local market is this way. There's a farmer's stall with dried duck breast filets, confits, rillettes, goose and duck scratchings and more. It's just a matter of taste.


Here, come and try Enchaud du Périgord, a local speciality of pork roasted in goose fat. Another delicious food par excellence is truffles. You can already taste the delicious omelette, and that's before you take into account the farmer's advice to rustle up a truffle butter... and serve it with some good country bread made that very morning!


So that's something to nibble on as an aperitif, with wine from Bergerac - Duras, of course, and a main dish... Now, the cheese! That will be a platter of Cabécous du Périgord, delicious little goats cheeses that are so meltingly soft.


Dessert will be walnut cake, and perhaps a nice bowl of strawberries from Périgord. Pick a variety: Gariguette, Mara des Bois, Charlotte…