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Let’s go for a discovery of the city with the Reiseleiter in deutscher Sprache (it’s free). A Daedalean network of streets and sunlit squares each more charming than the last ... Here! That’s a pretty 17th façade: the Museum of Tobacco. Even non-smokers are invited to push the door: the history of tobacco is presented. Very interesting. Not far, the small Musée de la Ville pays tribute to river heritage and the wine world ... Finally, don’t miss the Costi Museum with his sculptures bring an artistic touch to this walk. Time for a break! At the Maison des Vins de Bergerac, To find out everything anyone needs to know about these delectable juices, a visit to the Maison des Vins de Bergerac is a must. The edifice in itself is an astounding 17th Century demure built around a wooden and brick cloister (Le Cloitre des Récollets). All will be told about the 13 appelations of Bergerac.

Duur van de visite : 60mn

Vrij te bezoeken, Rondleiding

Taal van de visite : Frans, Engels, Spaans

Gesproken talen : Frans, Engels, Spaans, Italiaans

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  • Ville d'Art et d'Histoire de Bergerac
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