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Welcome to the Pays de Bergerac

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Welcome to the Pays de Bergerac

Vineyards and Bastides | Dordogne-Périgord


You are invited to discover another Périgord. The Périgord of bastides, the "new" towns of the Middle Ages, with Monpazier, said to be the most beautiful bastide in south-west France, as a highlight. The Périgord for epicuriens, where the area's star products accompany delicious Bergerac-Duras wines. And finally, Cyrano's Périgord, with Bergerac, a town of unrivalled panache!


A proud town nestling

along the banks of the Dordogne, with regal ‘gabarres’ that enliven the river...

The Bastides towns

Among the treasures

of the Bergerac region, the Bastides towns are in the forefront. Each time, it is an incredible...

Villages with character

Fans of medieval architecture

aficionados of old stones, budding photographers: here is a selection...

Must see

We have gathered our own

small selection of sites in the Pays de Bergerac which you should not miss out on for...

Quai Cyrano  

Are you ready for

a new experience in Bergerac? Head for Quai Cyrano, the place for wine, tourism and culture

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