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Go back in time

All of us in the area can boast about having passed through the gateway to heaven at least once in our lives... Without Saint Peter even having to give us the key! But where is this gateway?

Head to the Monpazier, in the south-east of the Pays de Bergerac. Did you say bastide? 300 to 400 bastides, with an octagonal grid design and central market, are located in the south-west of France... and you'll never guess what: Monpazier is thought of as "the most interesting and best-preserved of the south-west's 'bastides'." So go and explore Monpazier, which has barely changed since it was established in 1284.


Get lost in its carreyrous (back lanes), look at the cazals (houses), take a stroll under the arcades, see grain measures that are over 700 years old and head for the gateway to Paradis.

As you move around, take a glance at the surrounding countryside. Not far off, the imposing Château de Biron watches over the bastide. As an aside, its owner, Pierre de Gontaut, the Baron of Biron, donated land to build the bastide of Monpazier in 1284.


You'll be pleased to hear that the castle is a stone's throw away and open year-round. From an architectural point of view, it's an incredible juxtaposition of buildings dating from the 12th to 18th centuries. Over the years, it has become a major site for contemporary art in the Dordogne, and also puts on workshops. Go for it!