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Family fun

Oh, family holidays! There are so many sites to visit, so many activities to try out that it can be hard to coordinate what everyone wants to do. But we have THE solution: a canoe ride.

Let's set the scene: no less than 10 companies offer a ride along the famous River of Hope, the Dordogne, and its neighbour and tributary, the Vézère. Not so very far away the Dropt, a tributary of the Garonne is another option.

You vaguely think that 2 hours will be long enough. It won't! Imagine your journey: some splendid nature lies before you, adorned with unique spots, superb buildings and incredible plantlife. Can you see the swan, herons and egrets? Oh, and that black kite whose nest is visible to the naked eye? Then there's the silence, very slightly troubled by the splashing of paddles…


Time for a pause? Enjoy one of the many small beaches for a picnic, swim or just to relax!


This ride will be forever be one of your best holiday memories, promise!