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Head in the stars

We will now tell a slightly mundane story. Around 20 years ago, a quarry worker from Buisson-de-Cadouin was carring out a contolled explosion on the mine face when... Surprise! ...

A crack in the rock aroused his curiosity; a few days later, with better tools, Angel investigated further and made an exceptional discovery.


Extraordinary concretions as far as the eye could see, breathtaking helictite formations: "It’s an explosion of light in the shadows of the centre of the Earth!" The Maxange Caves (a shortened form of Maximilien, his father, and Angel, the son), were called "the cave of stars".


Let’s just say you’ll be impressed! Feast your eyes on 60 million years of Mother Nature's own sculpting, modelling and creativity.


You're sure to come away with your head full of stars!