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Try some delicious nectar

If there is one emblematic site to explore in the Pays de Bergerac, it has to be Château de Monbazillac, a sort of must-see for your holiday...

Let's go and explore this castle at the edge of Bergerac. First, take the old road (D13) to get to the castle. It will appear before you, carefully watched over by the surrounding vines (are they Monbazillac? Like the wine? Exactly!).


When you get there, you will be struck by this castle's regal air with its medieval and Renaissance features. Go on, only a few metres further along the magnificent drive to reach this 5-century-old edifice. You'll be piqued by a desire to find out more and you'll walk through the imposing defensive door to looking for a way into its history, and more!


Once there, you'll discover engravings, prints and original drawings by long-gone artists, and a room completely devoted to a contemporary artist.


The highlight of your visit will without a doubt be the wall of 6000 bottles of Monbazillac in shades of gold.


Do you want more? Continue down below the castle: a breathtaking view over Bergerac and the Dordogne valley awaits you.


Finally, head for the reception lodge to taste... some Monbazillac!