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Enjoy getting lost

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest one of all? The Mysterious Valley my queen!

What? Who is this mysterious... valley?

My queen, it''s a wonderful place for a walk. Mother Nature has created scenery worthy of a fairytale.

Tell me more!

Do you know the home of Lady Alice, the Château de Bridoire, beyond the lands of Monbazillac? Well, below the castle, in the middle of the forest, is a magical spot. Anyone who ventures there will find a wild place with cave shelters, ruins, springs... It's even said that a witch worked magic there.

How did I not know of it before?

It's a forgotten valley, my queen. Only childlike souls can venture there.

What has it that I do not?

You can have fun there, my queen! You can run, climb, think, solve puzzles, get lost…

So be it. Take me there!

May your wish be granted my queen. But take care! Legend has it that only the mot daring and clever will manage to solve the mysteries of the enchanted forest and the forgotten fortress…